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Omahuta Forest trio found safe and well. July 2009

Police are defending a Northland pig hunter who spent two bitterly cold nights lost in the bush with two children.

Mt Mania Rescue, 65 year old located safe and well APRIL 09

A 65 year old lady tramping with a friend in the My Mania reserve got separated after stopping for a rest. Locating the lost party around 03:00 hours tired but safe and well.

Shortest CALLOUT ?? ‘ever’ in Northland SAR history…!

In late February 2009, what amounted to what must have been the shortest call-out ever (under 2 minutes) came about when an elderly gentleman in his 70’s went missing from an Waipu rest home.

Plane Crashlanding at Urertiti Beach, Ruakaka CALLOUT – XMAS DAY 25 Dec 2008

Plane Crashlanding at Urertiti Beach, Ruakaka, CALLOUT

As Glenn, Kevin (NLSAR management) and Police SAR S/Sgt Metcalfe & Sgt Neil Pennington were about to leave the Tarewa Road SAR HQ site, the initial report came through Police Communications about a ‘plane crash off Urettiti beach near Ruakaka.

Due to extremely limited information, and possibility of escalation, S/Sgt Metcalfe requested that Glenn & Kevin also respond to this incident.

Boxing DAY SAR callout resulted in the missing party being found while search and rescue were responding – Boxing Day 26 Dec 2008

Boxing DAY SAR callout resulted in the missing party being found while search and rescue were responding.

Tomarata (Te aire Point) Callout – Two females were overdue coming back down from the Te aire point from having a picnic. Located safe & well.

Lost girl found after night in the bush XMAS DAY 2008 CALLOUT

Lost girl found after night in the bush – 25 Dec 2008

‘Intellectually disabled girl missing for 14 hours until found in bush in Whangarei spent Christmas Day in hospital’.

A successful operation involving both Northland Search and Rescue members and Police SAR squad members resulted from a good response from all those people who were contacted on Xmas Day.

100% of all Northland land search members who were contactable, decided to put family Xmas celebrations on hold to join the search for Tabitha. This shows the dedication and motivation of the team.

4 year old Female, 5 year Male missing – 30th Oct 2008

30th Oct 2008

Two young children, a 4 year old Female & a 5 year Male went missing from a house, on the edge of a patch of bush at Ruakaka.

SAR activated.

Overdue Pighunter Located

20th Oct 2008
A Overdue Pighunter Located was located after becomming overdue and sparking off a search and rescue callout in the Taipuha area, southwest of Whangarei.

Overdue Pig Hunter Located – Oct 2008

Family concerns for a Taipuha man out pig hunting on the back of a family farm and who failed to return the night before sparks search and rescue callout.

Tutumoe and One Tree Point Callouts – SEPT 2008

Two SAR callouts both resulted in the missing parties being found while search and rescue were on-route.

Tutumoe Callout – Three teenagers ( 2 x 16yr old and 1 x 17yr old) were coming back down from the Tutumoe Range when they ran out of light.

Callout Two
48yr old female from the One Tree Point area near Marsden Point missing, concerns about safety & wellbeing. Last seen approx. 11:00am.