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Tutumoe and One Tree Point Callouts – SEPT 2008

Two SAR callouts both resulted in the missing parties being found while search and rescue were on-route.

Tutumoe Callout – Three teenagers ( 2 x 16yr old and 1 x 17yr old) were coming back down from the Tutumoe Range when they ran out of light.

Fortunately, the trio not only had two cellphones, but also were within cellphone coverage which is patchy throughout Northland bush.

NLSAR were activated along with several members of the Northland Police search and rescue squad. (There were several very long looking tired faces, having just arrived home a couple of hours from the long Regional SAR exercise down country at Matakana)

As everyone was starting to pile into the Police cars at Whangarei Police station to travel to the scene, a call through Police North Comms stated the trio had been found by a local farmer on the edge of his property.

NOTE- Tutumoe Range is a beutiful rugged peice of Northland Bush that holds secret the location of a plane crash from the 1950’s.

Callout Two

48yr old female from the One Tree Point area near Marsden Point missing, concerns about safety & wellbeing. Last seen approx. 11:00am.

A good responce for a monday night with again everyone about to leave the Whangarei Police station when the missing party had been located safe and well.