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Whangarei Lions

Whangarei LionsThrough a partnership and support of Whangarei Lions, Northland Search and Rescue over the last few years have raised it’s profile & received support from the Whangarei Lions Club.

One of Whangarei Lions Big Fundraising events is to host a safe public display Fireworks event every November.

Northland Search and Rescue through invitation assist Whangarei Lions in providing a security and safety resource around the ‘main detonation’ area and other areas as required during the display.

In return, Whangarei Lions have made a donation in support of the Northland Search and Rescue group who are a 100% voluntary charity organisation who assists NZ Police to save lives.


Whangarei Lions is one of about 450 lions Clubs within New Zealand.

Fellowship- good times; meeting people; building lasting friendships; service to the community; learning new skills; leadership and personal development these are just some of the good things about being a member of Lions, the world’s largest and most active service club.

The emphasis is on community service in all forms. Lions programmes serve the young and the aged, the disabled and the disadvantaged – anybody who has a need.

Programmes are conducted locally, nationally and internationally. They include sight conservation and work with the blind, citizenship services, hearing and speech action, programmes with the deaf, drug education, environment, recreational, health and social services.

Lions Clubs provide help in times of emergency and great need – drought or flood, earthquake or cyclone.