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Kamo Lions

Kamo LionsAfter a powerpoint presentation to Kamo Lions, this small service club took it on board to put together a project to support our cause. Over 12 months, Kamo Lions raised $17,000 towards an ICT (Information Technology) package.

This has allowed purchase of equipment which include three powerful Laptops, one Portable printer, special sine-wave petrol 2kw 230v generator (compatible with sensitive electronics) , GPS’s, Data-show Projector, along with specialized Search Management & Mapping software.

This direct support of a fantastic small community focused group of Kamo Lions highlights the dedication and motivation of their members. This support will greatly assist Northland Search and Rescue work smarter to assist NZ Police in helping those in distress and save lives.

Implementing Information & Technology (IT) into the Field search HQ allow us to….

  • Load information on lost/injured party for distribution via printer (description, names, foot/boot prints…)
  • Pre-load SAR members database
  • Quick allocation of members to field teams
  • Allow Loading & Effective Processing of All Clues/Information for Instant Recall & Layering onto maps
  • Allow briefings & de-briefing of team members via overhead projector/datashow
  • Reduce HQ staff numbers which allows another member/s into the field.
  • Instantly allow downloading of GPS units from field teams of accurate movements (areas searched/went) for layering onto maps.
  • This will also be the first step into ‘Real Time Tracking’ of Search Teams in the field.


Kamo Lions is one of about 450 lions Clubs within New Zealand.

Fellowship- good times; meeting people; building lasting friendships; service to the community; learning new skills; leadership and personal development these are just some of the good things about being a member of Lions, the world’s largest and most active service club.

The emphasis is on community service in all forms. Lions programmes serve the young and the aged, the disabled and the disadvantaged – anybody who has a need.

Programmes are conducted locally, nationally and internationally. They include sight conservation and work with the blind, citizenship services, hearing and speech action, programmes with the deaf, drug education, environment, recreational, health and social services.

Lions Clubs provide help in times of emergency and great need – drought or flood, earthquake or cyclone.


Mountain of Cash
Written by Whangarei Leader
Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Firewood cutting and organising a men’s health night might seem like an unlikely combination but for Kamo Lions member Don Grocott it was for a good cause.

Mr Grocott was honoured by the Club with the Lloyd Morgan Honoured Membership award during the Club’s change of officers night on Wednesday 4th July. Mr Grocott together with Club member Kelly Wright and others cut a mountain of firewood aptly named “Mt Donald” at Mr Grocott’s Bush Rd property helping raise more than $5,000 for the Lions International fund ‘Campaign SightFirst II’ for restoring sight in underprivileged people worldwide, and for Northland’s search and rescue organisation.

Helping Northland Land Search and Rescue upgrade its communication systems is just one of several projects the Club is currently involved with.

Always supported by his wife Tupp, the award was presented to Mr Grocott for his outstanding service to the Club and the Community

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