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Team Members Gear List

Team Members Gear ListRecommended SAR Kit; Pack for at least two days.
For starters, irrespective of location or operation, you should wear:
-tramping boots and gaiters
-wool socks
-polypropylene or wool top

You should have everything in your SAR kit, already packed, ready to go. If possible, pack your gear in a medium sized comfortable pack and line your pack with a large plastic bag or pack liner.
-torch & spare batteries
-map & compass, whistle
-notebook (waterproof) & pencil
-warm hat & gloves
-wet weather/storm gear
-personal first aid kit
-snack food
-Storm gear (parka, over-trousers, gloves/mittens, balaclava)
-Tent & equipment
-Sleeping bag, ground sheet and/or foam pad
-An extra layer of clothing
-A Down or fleece jacket
-Two days of food plus billy/eating utensils, stove, fuel, matches/lighter, and water container
-Toilet paper and personal first aid kit
-Notebook and pencil, compass, map, torch/headlamp, pocketknife, and whistle.
Sunhat, sun protection, insect repellent, sunglasses

WaipuCaves_Shane_Kevin_smallGroup gear supplied by NLSAR may include:
-Communications (VHF and/or HF radio(s))
-First aid kits

– It is advisable to have a small rope loop securely attached to the top of your pack to enable it to be clipped
to a helicopter grabbit hook or winch.
– Avoid having gear hanging from your pack or a pack that is too high.

SAR Pack Contents