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Garmin GPS Map 60 CSx Information including Manual

Garmin GPS Map 60 CSxGarmin GPS Map 60 CSx

Garmin GPS Map 76 CSx – Very similar to the 60CSx but larger case, & floats – more suited to the marine enviroment.

Garmin GPS60Cx, and GPSMap76Cx – (no sensors – electronic compass or barometer)

Garmin eTrex vista hcx (no sensors, but run SiRFStarIII chipset & has micro SD slot – great cheeper alternative)

The main new features are the introduction of the super sensitive SiRFStarIII chipset. In 2006, The 60CSx with the SiRFStarIII chipset was widely acknowledged as being the most sensitive and accurate chipset available at the time of writing. The other main addition to the receiver is the introduction of external storage in the form of MicroSD flash memory.

Northland SAR purchased their first Garmin GPSMap60CSx in July 2006. The group now have Eight Garmin 60CSx units and have a longer term plan of building the numbers to Twelve units.

The Garmin GPS Map 60 CSx has become very popular among New Zealand Land Search and Rescue groups.

These GPS models typically run the SiRFStarIII chipset which is extremely sensitive and provides great coverage in rough terrain and under bush canopy.
The ability to add a miniSD memory card which allows memory expansion for map storage.