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81 year old male suffering dementia – June 2007

81 year old male suffering dementia28/06/2007 –

An 81 year old male suffering dementia walked out of his rest home between 0600 and 0645 hours.  Rest home staff had searched for him till about 0900 hours then called the police.

Local Waipu police and Highway patrol units searched for him on the roads till 1200 hours.

Police and Northland SAR were then activated and searched on foot till 2030 hours. Intensive searching was continued for the next three days.

A pair of slippers belonging to the missing person were located by a search party at about 1600 hours on the first day.

The slippers were near a river about 500 meters from the rest home. Searching and public appeals for information were continued for the next six days.

A police dive team searched the water in the vicinity of the slippers. A helicopter was used by the victims family.

Result: The body was recovered (deceased) Wed 04/07 from the Waipu River.

Thanks & Well done to all involved as there were certainly some wet periods & some butts that got wet.