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New NLSAR Callout System – WEB2TXT – FEBRUARY 2009

New NLSAR Callout SystemIntroducing the Web2SMS system.

Northland SAR has decided to implement a WEB2SMS system for improving response times, communication and generally making life easier in the Northland land search and rescue scene.

Over the next several months we will be using/testing the new web2sms system to get information to you, this could be callouts, training reminders, stand down or stand bys.

This system allows us to login to a web site and send one message to everyone cellphone at once, this greatly reducing our call out time, and the time (sometimes up to 20 minutes), some of us spend phoning people.

99% of our members now have and/or carry a cellular phone around with them most of the time.

It was decided it was more cost effective to move to a cell-phone based system as opposed to going to a pager system which then meant similar cost, and another piece of equipment to maintain and carry.

You will get a txt to your cellphone approximately 4 seconds after we have sent it, with a message similar to:

“SAR CALLOUT Immediate Responce. If you are available. Please provide ETA to WRE Police station. REPLY to GRANT 0272 xxxxxx.” Or “SAR STANDBY. Please Respond IF available to GLENN 0272 xxxxxx.”

Once you get this please REPLY to the CELL NUMBER IN THE TEXT and not the number it came from as this is the initial SAR operations manager for the event.
(the text could be initiated from someone else who is NOT the manager or not attending).

There are a few that may not have cell coverage at home or in your “normal” place of work, if this is the case can you please advise ASAP and we can look at a different process if required to update@searchandrescue.co.nz.

Lions InternationalThis system will only work if YOU KEEP US informed of any number changes, please go to the members page, (phone Kevin, Shane or Kane if you don’t know the logon), download the latest phone list and check your details are correct,

If not please send an email to…. update@searchandrescue.co.nz.

This is in place NOW and is being used. If you are not certain that you are receiving cellular SMS messages, please send an email to update@searchandrescue.co.nz or kevin@searchandrescue.co.nz This is currently being funded by the Whangarei Lions club generous support.